More Nougat

The rice paper was inedible, and dangerous.

Well, after a fashion, if you held it in your mouth for a time, it softened. Its true purpose is to be soaked in water and then stuffed like a spring roll. Short of that, it cracked and splintered and could easily draw blood.

The nougat, on the other hand, was extremely edible. And very sticky.

A bit too sticky, and too much honey taste. The first day it was a paste that could only be scraped away from the rice paper, but the next day it had crystallized and peeled right off. Not exactly what I was going for, but not all bad. The nougat needs a bit more TLC as it sets, for starters.

Now, however, I have a fabulous new marble slab on which to cool nougat, as well as chocolate and fudge and even, as I’ve been told, pie crusts. Got it for a song, too, as the piece was taken from the spot in a countertop where the cooktop now resides. And even better, we’ve been invited to share our chocolates at the grand opening of the countertop company’s new showroom next month. Stay tuned…


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