A Beautiful Mess

I made a mess this morning, but it’s a beautiful, glorious mess. And completely edible, although I think it’s capable of generating an instant food coma.

Remember those marshmallows? I carved some off the slab of white (with specks of vanilla seeds throughout), rolled them in powdered sugar, and considered the fact that I just made a marshmallow. Not the same form you see in the store, but still.

I stepped away from the marshmallows and toasted some almonds, just enough to get the flavor to make itself known. I cooled them off, and then spread them — generously — over half the white slab.

Then I took some chocolate from this morning’s dipping — Turkish coffee with cardamom, with a pinch of fresh-ground coffee on top — and covered the almonds. Then I folded the slab over onto itself, and made a sandwich, or omelet (although I think sandwich is a more appealing description).

Not done yet, though.

I then spread a layer of chocolate over the top of the sandwich, let that set, flipped it over, and spread chocolate on the bottom.

After lunch, when it’s nicely set, I’ll cut it into pieces — not too big, but not too small either — and give the sides a dusting of powdered sugar so they’re not sticky.

I’ll be here until 5 p.m. today, in case anyone wants to come over and give them a try. No promises about how long they’ll last…


One Response to “A Beautiful Mess”

  1. Oh man, I missed the window of opportunity on this one. Sounds delicious!

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