To Market, To Market…

…for chocolate!

Yes, Kakao is going to be at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market tomorrow for our season debut. Today is a busy day, getting everything ready, including the dipping our our fresh caramels (made from sugar, cream and butter, dipped in our special mixture of semisweet chocolate and topped with a touch of sea salt, just in case you haven’t had them before).

Here’s what we’ll have on the menu:

  • Rose and Red Tea truffles, topped with a spot of white chocolate
  • Chai Tea truffles, topped with Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon
  • Maker’s Mark Bourbon truffles
  • Chile-Vanilla truffles, topped with cocoa nibs
  • Turkish Coffee with Cardamon truffles, topped with a touch of ground coffee
  • Lavender truffles
  • Caramels!
  • Dragees — almonds toasted in caramelized sugar, coated in chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder
  • Pates de Fruits — raspberry jellied candies (for those of you who don’t prefer chocolate)
  • Ginger and coffee bark in both milk and dark chocolate
  • Four different flavors of brownies made from our special ganache: chai, Maker’s Mark, chile-vanilla and lavender

And, as a special for readers of this blog, we’ll also have a limited amount of the French Raspberry Liqueur truffles and Smoked Tea truffles. You won’t see these on the menu at the market, so be sure to ask for them — I’ll only have a few and I don’t know how long they’ll last.

We’re really looking forward to being at the market tomorrow. Stop by and say hello!


2 Responses to “To Market, To Market…”

  1. O happy day — I’ll be there with bells on!

  2. Boy I wish I was there with all of that on the menu. Sounds wonderful. If any of your readers are interested in learning a little about the dragees in France, I recently wrote this page about it. Hope your season debut is a success!

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