Market September 6

Getting ready for the market tomorrow morning at Tower Grove Park, as well as a big wedding tomorrow night.

At the market, we’ll have an assortment of truffles:

  • Dark chocolate-vanilla
  • Mint with candied lemon peel
  • Lavender-vanilla
  • Chile pepper-vanilla
  • Coffee with cardamom
Of course we’ll have dragees and pates de fruits, and an assortment of barks: coffee in both milk and dark and candied ginger in dark chocolate.
I’m also making some amazing marshmallow pies: homemade marshmallows stuffed with toasted pecans and chocolate, and then coated on both sides with even more chocolate. Seriously, these are not to be missed!
And we’ll also have as a blog-readers’ special a limited number of rose petal, Maker’s Mark bourbon, chai tea with cinnamon, and smoked tea — you won’t see these on the menu, so be sure to ask.
Where’s the French raspberry liqueur?  Omigosh those went fast! I won’t have any tomorrow, but I just got done making another batch of ganache (as well as some chai tea ganache) so we’ll have plenty of both of those next week.
Oh, and the wedding favors — the first of four weddings we’re chocolating over the next couple of months. Kakao is presenting 150 clear bags of two chocolate-dipped caramels with a touch of sea salt on top, tied with a red woven ribbon to match the roses on the tables. I’ll write more soon about this and the other weddings — and bridal showers — we’ve got on the calendar.

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One Response to “Market September 6”

  1. KAREN MORIN Says:

    I received your chocolates while attending a wedding Saturday night – they were fabulous.

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