Four Weddings and Two Showers

This weekend we had the first of four weddings over the next couple of months, and the first two of a several bridal showers.

The wedding this weekend wanted our handmade caramels, dipped in chocolate and with a touch of sea salt on top, as favors at each place setting. We recommended putting them in a clear bag tied with a woven red ribbon to match the roses on the table. They looked fantastic, and we got lots of great complements, including on the previous blog post. (Thanks, Karen!)

Next up is a wonderful wedding at the end of the month with a really fun “chocolate table” that will include Kakao caramels, dragees, and a variety of truffles — Lavender-Vanilla, Chai Tea, and Turkish Coffee with Cardamom. These will be alongside an assortment of chocolate pastries. Plus cake!!

In early October we’re doing a large wedding with two-piece truffle boxes. The bride and groom have some adorable white boxes engraved with their name and wedding date, and we’re making them Lavender-Vanilla and Single Malt Scotch truffles, along with a bowl of dragees for each table.

And the first of November is my cousin’s wedding in St. Paul! We’re providing two-piece boxes of chocolates, flavors to be determined. Still need to connect with my cousin on the flavors and colors.

And showers! We’ve done several bridal showers this season, with two-piece boxes of truffles and bagged truffles and caramels, in boxes of assorted colors and with woven ribbons.

The chocolating possibilities are endless with weddings, showers and other events. You can find more information about how we can make your special occasion even more special by checking out our special event fact sheet on our website.


3 Responses to “Four Weddings and Two Showers”

  1. I was a guest at Saturday’s wedding and haven’t stopped talking about your chocolate since. I just couldn’t believe how amazing they were. And that bit of sea salt was just brilliant. I had been growing apart from chocolate (gasp) and thinking perhaps I didn’t love it as much as I used to (double gasp) but my eyes have been opened. We will look forward to supporting your business and spreading the word to friends. Thank you for making something so lovely.

  2. Brian, I am looking forward to Lindsay’s wedding, seeing you and Melanie, and enjoying your chocolates once again.

  3. OMG! Hand made caramels and lavender/vanilla truffles. Yum!

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