Kakao Retail Arrives!

No need to worry about how to get Kakao Chocolate if you can’t make it to one of our farmers’ markets. We’re pleased to announce that Kakao Chocolate can now be purchased retail at Local Harvest Grocery, 3148 Morgan Ford Road, St. Louis, just south of Tower Grove Park off Arsenal.

Our first delivery included an assortment of truffles, almond dragees, coffee and ginger bark, marshmallow pies, and our famous chocolate-coated caramels with a touch of sea salt.




The 2008 Sauce Readers’ Poll named Local Harvest the best gourmet grocery in St Louis. And right across the street at 3137 Morgan Ford is the Local Harvest Cafe, serving breakfast and lunch and dinner, all using fresh and local ingredients. 

Here’s what Local Harvest newsletter said:

KaKaO, how we missed you…

We are thrilled to announce the return of KaKaO Chocolate! After several months of withdrawal, our favorite truffles, caramels, barks, and drageesare back under new ownership. We’ve managed to sample everything already and we can attest that the quality has not diminished one bit. To sweeten the deal, this week all KaKaO Chocolates are 10% off when you mention this email.

Local Harvest is only a short distance from our chocolate shop, so we can be sure they always have a good supply of fresh delectables. Stop by and check it out, and pick up some Kakao Chocolate!


2 Responses to “Kakao Retail Arrives!”

  1. Ginger bark, please – I’ve run out …!

  2. I’ve had two dinner parties in the last two month and served KaKao chocolate as the desert at each event.

    The truffles got rave reviews. The coffee bark … it disappeared!

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