Back to School

It’s been a busy week here at Kakao! We’ve got a big wedding this weekend where the bride and groom have wisely decided to have — in addition to a traditional cake — a chocolate table that will feature Kakao truffles in three flavors, our chocolate-covered caramels, and our tasty dragees. We’ve got two big wholesale orders to fill. (Indeed, Local Harvest keeps running out, and we’ll soon announce our second retail location!) We’ve got the markets in Maplewood this afternoon and in Tower Grove Park on Saturday. And we’ve got a huge event this weekend, where you’ll be able to Taste those famous caramels…more later on that, too. 

So it was a refreshing break to visit the Beginning Foods class at Clayton High School. We were invited by Nicole, niece of our landlord and kitchen-mate Andrew of Cherokee Street Catering, who thought it would be fun for the class to learn about chocolate and candy-making. And fun for us, too!

Kakao Chocolate demonstration at Clayton High School

Kakao Chocolate demonstration at Clayton High School

I started out showing them how to make caramels, and got some volunteers (not a difficult task!) to help stir watch the temperature. Then we talked about chocolate — how it grows, how it’s processed, and what makes “traditional” candy bars different from fine chocolate. The students even tasted the unprocessed cocoa nibs, which have a wonderfully bitter chocolate taste (although not everyone agreed on the ‘wonderfully’).

Pouring the Caramel

Pouring the Caramel

 We all had a good time, and the students and Ms. Williams were great. Funny — we got a lot of volunteers to help us at the shop!

Scoring the Caramel

Scoring the Caramel


Eating the Caramel

Eating the Caramel

Thanks to Ms. Williams, Nicole and the rest of the class for inviting us!

And a reminder to everyone else that we’ll be at the Maplewood Farmers Market tonight, with fresh truffles (including our new “smoke” truffle), dragees and lots of those caramels!


2 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. What great carmels. Are you guys still at Tower Grove?

  2. That’s really cool that you could do that. Thanks again for the great chocolates at the wedding by the way. They were fantastic!

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