Singing Chocolate

We at Kakao are very pleased to be partnering with the Opera Theatre of St. Louis on their holiday promotion. When you give a gift certificate for the Opera Theatre, you’ll receive a box of Kakao chocolates! What could be better than amazing opera and chocolate?

St. Louis Opera Theatre

St. Louis Opera Theatre


(This is the ad that’s appearing in St. Louis Magazine and Sauce, among other pubs.)

Afraid of the opera? Let me tell you a bit about what they’re showing this season.

La boheme – Have you seen the musical Rent? This is the original, and one of the most widely performed operas in the world.

Salome – The Dance of the Seven Veils. Need I say more?

Il re pastore – Would you choose power or love?

The Ghosts of Versailles – A hilarious (seriously!) opera-within-an-opera to cheer up the bummed and beheaded ghost of Maria Antoinette.

To get your gift certificate, call the Opera Theatre of St. Louis at 314.961.0644.


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