Kakao Open House

While we don’t yet have our own retail location, we’re thankful to have a great location on Cherokee Street where we can make our chocolates and where people can pick up their purchases. And we’re very excited about making use of this location for a Kakao Chocolate Tasting and Open House on Saturday, February 7, from 11¬† a.m. to 3 p.m.

Some of you have already visited our chocolate workshop, but for everyone who hasn’t, we’re located at 2837 Cherokee Street, close to the top of the hill between Jefferson and Grand. We’re in the kitchen operated by Cherokee Street Catering, across the street from Firecracker Press.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we’re offering a special chocolate tasting at the shop. You’ll get three samples of our all-natural, hand-made treats. We’ll have plenty of everything for sampling and purchase, including our hand-dipped truffles, chocolate-coated caramels, tangy-sweet pates de fruits, almond dragees, and even our special hot chocolate.

The tasting is $5, and if you rsvp to sales@kakaochocolate.com by February 4, you’ll get a bonus fourth sample. Plus, Kakao fans can apply the $5 tasting fee to any purchase of $25 or more that day.

We can’t wait to see you at the shop!


3 Responses to “Kakao Open House”

  1. Bob Pelletier Says:

    Great and good luck BUT what city are you in??

  2. Terrific Blog-really good writing. I was hoping for more pictures and some recipes.

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