Beer Chocolate

Honestly, you might not think this is a good idea, but you really have to try it.

There are lots of good reasons to try it. Beer is made with malt, and malt and chocolate are a terrific pair. Of course there are many different (albeit small) brands of chocolate beer. I could go on…

But as I’ve often said, I know just enough about chocolate to be dangerous, and right now I’m really dangerous.

So, we started with no ordinary beer; something interesting, challenging, with flavor and depth. Schlafly’s Coffee Stout. So you have coffee, beer and chocolate, all in one delicious package.

One delicious package made from butter-cream ganache with a reduction of Coffee Stout and dark chocolate, hand-dipped in a special blend of premium semisweet goodness. Topped with just a touch of milk chocolate.

I say delicious, but don’t just take my word for it. You could ask the handful of people who have sampled our Schlafly’s Coffee Stout Truffle already — they all love it, too. You really need to try it yourself, though. Maybe at the Kakao Open House this Saturday!


2 Responses to “Beer Chocolate”

  1. Schlafly’s Coffee Stout is an excellent choice! I can say that without having tasted this particular truffle…I KNOW it’s going to be good!

    We MIGHT make it by on Saturday…we’re hoping to, anyway.

  2. Hello, Brian … I am coming to St. Louis in May. Will there be any leftover Chocolate / Beer / Coffee candy left? You’ve got a winning combination there.

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