Kakao Around the World

Of course Kakao is available in St. Louis at several retail outlets, farmers’ markets, and at our workshop on Cherokee Street. And you can also order chocolates via our website shopping cart, available for shipping anywhere, or for pickup at the shop.

We recently received some photos from Kakao customers, which tickled us thoroughly, and we can’t help but share them.

The first is from a customer in the Chicago suburbs, someone who’s been job hunting for several months, finally landed a great gig, and wanted to express her thanks to people who helped her along they way — with Kakao Chocolate. She ordered a bunch of six-piece truffle boxes, and dressed them up with some beautiful ribbon.

Kakao Thank You Gifts

Kakao Thank You Gifts

Further afield (and yet closer to home), some St. Louis friends took Kakao with them to Costa Rica and documented the trip with these beautiful photos. 

Kakao Costa Rica

Kakao Costa Rica

Thanks, Sharon, Mark and Erica!


One Response to “Kakao Around the World”

  1. Great pics! Perhaps this will start a tradition … kind of like the traveling gnomes, but better tasting!

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