Signs of Great Things

We’re moving fast toward the grand opening of Kakao on May 30. That’s a week from Saturday, which means we’ve got a LOT to do. But a lot has already been done, so we’re in good shape.

The new shop is at 2301 S. Jefferson, about a half-mile south of I-44, at the corner of Jefferson and Shenandoah. A week ago, if you went to that intersection, you could look at the four buildings on each corner and you’d instantly know which one was Kakao because of the great paint job on the outside — the building is obviously a chocolate shop.

Now, there is no doubt.

Kakao in South City

Kakao in South City


Phil Jarvis hand-painted the signs on the windows facing both Jefferson and Shenandoah. He’s done several windows on businesses in the city, and we couldn’t be happier with his work.

Another sign, important in a different way, is up on the door as well.

Grade A Restaurant!

Grade A Restaurant!

That, folks, is the official seal of approval of the Health Department, which is significant in its own right, but is also the last step we needed to finalize our business license. Those of you who know the story of our first license on Cherokee Street know that this time was a breeze.

Gotta get back to the chocolate, but not before I let you know that at the Tower Grove Market on Saturday, because Memorial Day is such a big grilling holiday weekend, we’re going to have something very special and very unique for sale. Stay tuned!


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