The Cat is Away

The last thing Brian said to us before he left to go to the candy conference was “Have fun. “ That was immediately after he said “Don’t burn the shop down.”

And three days later, we’ve managed to achieve both goals.

Yes, Brian left us, Shannon and Teresa, the tireless Kakao workers, to our own devices this week while he attended a confection conference in Detroit. So we wanted to shake things up a little bit, seeing as how the Kakao shop has been open all of two weeks. But those party poopers at the Health Department nixed our idea about bringing in live monkeys and apparently you need some sort of licensure to do tattoos. Who knew?

We didn’t know that, but what we do know is ice cream. And sorbet, brownies and cookies.

So on Friday and Saturday, we’ll be all set to offer made-to-order ice cream sandwiches with our very own handmade ice cream. We’ve got chocolate sorbet paired with our very own ginger snap cookies, and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two layers of homemade bittersweet brownies. (Don’t worry, even though Teresa is nine months pregnant, there’s nary a pickle in sight.)

Now, does anyone know what to do with a truckload of monkeys?


2 Responses to “The Cat is Away”

  1. Wow! I’m going to have to make my way to your store for those ice cream sandwiches. Chocolate sorbet is pretty tasty, and I’m sure yours is to die for if the truffles I bought a couple months ago were any indication.

  2. Heather Says:

    Just in time for Father’s Day! How did you know my husband was a chocoholic and sorbet lover? Now he can have the best of both worlds.

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