Best Chocolate, eh?

Yes, we did indeed see the July issue of Sauce with the “Best of” awards, including the Best Chocolatier, which didn’t include Kakao anywhere on the list.

There are several reasons we didn’t make the cut, including the fact that Kakao wasn’t in the Sauce database, which meant that one had to take some extra steps to include us as a write-in. (We’re in there now.)

Another reason is that there are still a lot of people out there who don’t know about Kakao. We’re going to remedy that, and we need your help.

We’re going to give them — and you — free chocolate.

In exchange for…a Bissinger’s catalog.

We’re going straight to the top, and since Bissinger’s won the poll, we’re going to take them on directly. So bring in one of those free Summer 2009 Bissinger’s catalogs (you’re going to have to leave it here), and we’ll give you a hand-dipped truffle or caramel of your choice, whatever all-natural flavor we have on hand.

Or, you can trade that catalog for $5 off any Kakao purchase of $25 or more of our chocolates and confections, including marshmallow pies, beer brittle and pates de fruits. And don’t forget our pastries, like our pinched-peach and blackberry cobbler and our French macarons…I could go on.

One catalog per person, per day, if you please. Today through August 31.

Tell ALL your friends. Tell them to tell their friends.

Bissinger’s gives away catalogs — Kakao gives away chocolate.


3 Responses to “Best Chocolate, eh?”

  1. Hmmm Sauce did a story on you. Why on earth did they not put you in their database. That stinks.

  2. We had to fill out a form to register Kakao — it doesn’t happen automatically. We’re in now, though!

  3. Well next year it’s on like Donkey Kong! That “other” chocolate place won’t know what knocked them off the top of the list. 😀

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