Pam’s Peppermint Patties

Brian’s mom is in the house!

And he put her straight to work in the Kakao kitchen. Pam loves mint and chocolate, so she started working on mint creams, using the recipe we modified from our blog-friend Fig Jam and Lime Cordial in Australia. She made the mint cream (we use peppermint oil, which is a stick of dynamite compared to the firecracker of mint extract), rolled it out, cooled it off, and sliced it into patties.

Here she is putting a ‘foot’ on the creams before we dip them. We foot (or ‘bottom’) the creams with tempered chocolate to give the fork something solid to rest on when we dip them in chocolate, otherwise the fork would smoosh through the soft cream. (We do the same thing with truffles, all at once before we cut them up.)

Pam didn’t want to get too close to the tempering machine to dip them, so Brian did the dipping. But Pam stood by and decorated each mint thin with a swoosh of chocolate.

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but Pam claimed a couple of the confections didn’t look right, so they couldn’t be sold. She was happy to use them as a quality control taste test, though.

Today Pam will be stopping by the St. Louis Community Farmers Market and will be at the Kakao Cafe this afternoon, and we’ll have Mint Thins available at both locations. And don’t forget that the Maplewood Farmers Market is weekly on Wednesday afternoons now.


4 Responses to “Pam’s Peppermint Patties”

  1. Wish I could be there to try them! Looks like you two are having fun!


  2. Brian, they look wonderful! I’m going to try them with a foot from now on – thank you for the tip. Pam has great willpower – I’m sure I’d have found more than just a couple of rejects! 🙂

  3. Thank you Brian and Melanie for the wonderful time you showed me in St. Louis even if you did but me to work. I really enjoyed it. It was so nice to meet Shannon and Kate, also. Hope those mints sell fast and I can come and make more for you. Pam

  4. We tried them and love them! The peppermint flavor is the real deal, and the chocolate is thick enough to sink your teeth into. I’ll never be able to eat at Thin Mint again. I hope these aren’t a once-in-awhile-special item! Perhaps you can hire Pam full time. : )

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