Caramel Christmas Present

We at Kakao got a Christmas present early this year, in the form of an email from a customer. We were so tickled by it we wanted to share it with you.

Naturally, after hearing so much about your wonderful all natural chocolates over the past few years, I had to see for myself.  I choose some caramels for Christmas gifts, only to later notice the 12/24/10 expiration date!  I needed no further prodding to open a package and enjoy the delicious rich creamy caramels.  I have never experienced anything like that in my life!  I had a feeling that the sea salt would add a special twist and it did!  I devoured all four caramels and have only two boxes remaining.

I decided there and then that I needed to pace myself… and HIDE them from my husband and eight year old son.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?  After my first experience with those luscious caramels, the thought of them invaded my dreams… seriously!  However when I woke, I was able to resist temptation.  Last night, I secretly re-located the remaining caramels to a safer location (my night stand) and enjoyed two more delectable candies in private.  There are only six left and I must not request more for Christmas or else people will learn of my secret passion.  Then again, maybe you offer gift cards!  My mouth is watering and I must return to work now.

I just wanted to say thanks!  I can see why this new career is a passion!

– Sarah

Thank you, Sarah, and thank you to everyone else who has enjoyed our chocolates and confections. We’re excited about the coming year, with a new shop to open, new customers to meet, new confections to invent, and a generally busy 2011, chocolating away!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


One Response to “Caramel Christmas Present”

  1. I myself just discovered you guys, today in fact, after buying some chile bark on a whim from Gustine Market; and all I can really say in response to my (many) nibbles this evening is OH. MY. GOD. and a simple THANK YOU.

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