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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 by Brian

Well, no.

If you get some fresh strawberries — and, I’m sorry, you’re not going to get fresh strawberries in February in St. Louis  — and dip them in chocolate, and then eat them right away, or in a few hours, that’s about as good as you can get.

But if you go someplace and get chocolate-covered strawberries, that’s not what you get. You get a strawberry that’s been on a long plane ride, possibly from another country, that’s been dipped in something that’s kind of like chocolate but really isn’t. And they they put it in the fridge, which sucks all the flavor out of both the strawberry and the chocolate. By the time you get it, it’s got all that condensation on it and it’s not nearly as good as you thought it was going to be.

So at Kakao we don’t do that.

Here’s what we do:

When strawberries are in season — like right now — we get them from the farmer’s markets — like we did this weekend — and we make our pates de fruits. Those are the French-style soft candies made from fruit, sugar and pectin that we usually make with frozen purees like passionfruit or blood orange.

But instead of cutting them up and rolling them in sugar, we pour it in a frame, and then put a layer of creamy, chocolatey ganache on top. Then we cut that up and dip it in chocolate.

Fresh strawberries made into soft candy, layered with chocolate ganache, and dipped in chocolate. It’s not a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate, but we think it’s the next best thing.

You decide.

Peculiar Pairings

Posted in Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 by Brian

We at Kakao really enjoy using unique ingredients in our chocolates and confections. Like our Pink Peppercorn truffle (with lemon and thyme), the  White Pepper and Sea Salt Chocolate Bark, or the Strawberry-Balsamic Vinegar truffle, to name a few.

But really, we’re just getting started.

We’ve got four months of new Kakao creations in the works, with June, July, August and September each dedicated to melding chocolate together with foods you don’t ordinarily consider when you think of candy and confections. We’re going to have special tastings each month, and opportunities both online and in the stores for you to vote on your favorites.


June is National Dairy Month — we use a lot of cream in our caramels and truffles, and butter in our brittles, of course. So this June is going to be all about…Cheese and Chocolate! Here’s a thought-starter for you: fig pate de fruits covered with a goat cheese buttercream ganache and dipped in chocolate. Are you with us?

Everyone knows how well wine goes with chocolate, but what about beer? And July happens to be National Beer Month! We had such great fun with the Beer and Chocolate Pairing we did with Schlafly at the St. Louis Art Museum, we wanted to try some new beer and chocolate creations to try to top our Stout Marshmallows Dusted with Cocoa Powder.

August is the height of  gardening, and we at Kakao are big fans of using local ingredients. So August is going to be Chocolate and Farmers’ Market fruits, veggies and herbs. You’ve tried our Tomato-Chocolate Bark, haven’t you?

And finally, September is the annual Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, so we’re going to have our own celebration of Chocolate and Asian Flavors. Really, Jenny made a couple of black sesame paste truffles that blew us away.

Here’s how it’s going to work: we’re going to introduce the first batch of new confections on the first Thursday of each month at a special VIP Peculiar Pairing Tasting, with all proceeds from ticket sales going to a local non-profit — this will be the first time the confections will be available to anyone outside of the Kakao Team.

The next evening, Friday, we’ll have an open house with the collection of confections available to eat at the shop, or to take with you. We’ll then have all the Peculiar Pairings confections available to purchase at both stores starting on Saturday and continuing through the rest of the month. (We’ll probably keep creating new ones as well.) And we’ll have both online and in-ship ways for you to vote for your favorites — who knows, maybe they’ll become regular confections!

We’re really excited about this, and how you are, too. Stay tuned for more details about the VIP Tastings and how you can sign up!