Kakao Ice Cream Sundaes

We’re starting something new at Kakao Maplewood — Ice Cream!

Not just any ice cream. We’re selling Serendipity ice cream, made right down the street in Webster Groves. They’ve won lots of awards, but you’ll figure out right away that they’re ice cream is amazing. They have tons of flavors, but we’re just going to sell plain old Tahitian vanilla bean and old fashioned chocolate.

Why plain ice cream? Because we’re going to offer our own toppings for sundaes. Like Kakao chocolate syrup, and salted burnt caramel syrup. No  pre-made syrups or canned sauces. Everything made right there in the shop.

Here’s our first ice cream sundae customer. We think she liked it.


So, chocolate and caramel syrup. Really good stuff that we make in-house. Always all-natural. And our ingredients, of course, like cocoa nibs, toasted Missouri pecans, and candied organic ginger.

But if you know Kakao, you know we’re not going to stop there.

We’ve only been selling ice cream for two days, and we’ve already gone wild with new toppings for you to enjoy. How about lavender syrup? Or vanilla bean marshmallow creme?

We also made a grapefruit marmalade syrup.

And a fruit syrup made with fresh peaches and caramelized wine? (This one is hard to describe, but it’s incredibly tasty.)

We’re going to approach our toppings the same way we do our truffles — we’ll have some flavors that we’ll always have all the time, and we’ll have lots of different and new toppings that will change from time to time.

We’re serving our ice cream sundaes at our Maplewood location, which is open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Come check it out!


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