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Scones, anyone?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 29, 2012 by Brian

It is snowing out and you’re snuggled in bed giving your feet a pep talk, trying desperately to convince them that the cold floor they are about to touch is bearable. Completely bearable.

Then, while you are talking to your feet, your nose sends off an alarm as the aroma of fresh baked scones wafts through the house.
Someone is baking breakfast!

You leap from bed with such joy your feet barely touch the floor as you shoot for the warmth of the kitchen. Remember, home is where the hearth is, and there you will find the greatest joy of Sunday morning: a fresh baked breakfast!

The person who is baking the breakfast would like you to believe that while you were in bed talking to your feet, they were doing a lot of hard work. Nope, this is not true at all — the scones were actually frozen and tucked in the freezer until just a little while ago (and you didn’t even know it). No one had to venture out in the snow and ice or wind and rain to fetch them. The whole delicious lot was just popped into the oven in a few simple moves.

Queen’s Cuisine scones are available in Kakao Chocolate’s “freezer section.” They are sold frozen so you can bake them anytime, and without very much of a wait have a taste of the famous English treat. We have a variety of flavors made using a traditional recipe with the addition of dried and fresh fruits, citrus zests and/or chocolate. You can keep them in your own freezer for up to one month and they come in the following amazingly delicious flavors:

  • Local Pumpkin with Missouri Pecans
  • Local Apple Cinnamon
  • Banana Walnut
  • Blueberry Cinnamon
  • Craisin and Orange
  • Double Chocolate (our favorite, of course!)
  • Rich/Plain

Scones just aren’t for breakfast anymore, hold a “high tea” some afternoon, or better yet mix up a cup of Kakao Hot Chocolate and pair it with a delicious-fresh-from-your-own-oven scone. As much as we like to see you in the shop, remember to buy enough to share and have on hand. Who knows when you will have an unexpected high tea?

Queen’s Cuisine scones are made locally by Jane Muscroft, who was born and bred in Melton, England and moved to America in 2000. As Jane says, “Americans are so interested in English life, the accent and the food. It’s a cultural experience for them.”

We say, “Tally ho, let’s get on with breakfast!”

Thanksgiving Checklist, Pre- and Post-

Posted in Uncategorized on November 21, 2012 by Brian

1. Stop in to Kakao chocolate TODAY for your hostess gifts for tomorrow.

2. Tomorrow, give thanks. You have more than most.

3. On Black Friday, well, here are some thoughts.

Life is going into warp speed on the cusp of the holiday season and you are being sucked into a black hole known as the shopping mall.  Make it stop!  Yes, you can do that and slow life down so you can enjoy your time with your family and friends.

First, we recommend waking up on Black Friday (November 23rd) and popping some Queen’s Cuisine scones in the oven (pick them up early in the week and hide them in your freezer), brew some delicious Stringbean coffee or mix-up a delicious cup of Kakao hot chocolate.  Relaxing enough for you?  Now, make your holiday shopping list.  Trust us, you will be lucid and the thoughts and ideas will flow and you will get it all done right.

Next, gather your shopping compatriots and come on over to Kakao Chocolate. Where Peter Cohen of Stringbean Coffee will be serving up samples of his delicious coffee.

Gather you holiday gift list items and we will help you put them in baskets or wrap them so they will dazzle the recipient.

If you aren’t sure what to get the folks on your list, don’t fret, our staff will be right there to guide you through.  Just give us an idea of what you think you need or what the person likes and we will do the rest.  It is so easy that when you are done, you won’t be worn out and cranky and you will go on your way and be able to enjoy your day.

Here are some suggestions we have to help you get your shopping done:

*Kakao Chocolate’s Award-Winning Sea salt Caramels (in dark or milk chocolate); these fit beautifully in one of our pumpkin chocolate boxes and will be an all-around delicious surprise.

*Coffee lovers will enjoy a basket that includes a pound of Stringbean Coffee, Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark, Milk Chocolate Coffee Bark and White Mocha Bark.

*The beauty in your life will enjoy an in-home spa day when you present her with a basket filled with our delightful truffles along with Maven’s locally produced Kakao Pure Chocolate Lip Balm, Kakao Chocolate Blackberry Whipped Soap and Kakao Chocolate Body Scrub.

So, these are just few suggestions!  We offer hundreds of combinations of flavors and food items for any taste.  We hope to see you for a fun day of shopping on Friday, November 23rd!

Note: The most relaxing chocolate you can buy is a lavender truffle, there is no comparison to what lavender can do to calm you down.  Get some of these delicious treats to keep on hand in case you start to feel frazzled later.

4. Come visit Kakao on Small Business Saturday

Here at Kakao Chocolate, we celebrate small business everyday by supporting local artisans who bring delicious hand-crafted foods from farm to table.  You may not even realize that within our shops you will find a community of businesses that are local, independently-owned and operated.

We know the owners by name and consider them our friends and colleagues who have worked side by side with us as we have grown our own business.  We may have met at a farmers market or GREEN drinks event, but where our relationship began is not important, it is the connection we have to each other and the high-quality product we as artisans strive to produce.

This holiday season, we hope you will support the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into the locally made products we offer.  Aside from food products, we also offer artfully made greeting and gift cards that are the perfect match to a Kakao Chocolate gift basket.

Many times we are able to partner with the artisans whose products you will find next to ours and offer such delicious creations as:

*Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark made with Stringbean Coffee (coffee by the pound also available)

*Kakao Pure Chocolate Lip Balm, Chocolate Blackberry Whipped Soap and Chocolate Body Scrub by Maven, right down the street from our Maplewood shop

*Kakao Chocolate-inspired yarns by Dyebolical

*Patric Chocolate and Askinosie Chocolate bars of many varieties are available in shop — bean-to-bar artisans from Columbia, MO and Springfield, MO, respectively.

*Traveling Tea offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional blends that sometimes show up in our truffles

*Grandma’s Nuts trail mix with Kakao milk and dark chocolate varieties

*Serendipity Ice Cream (seasonal) just wait until it gets hot again and oh, the toppings!

*Schlafly Beer, yes, beer in chocolate.  Delicious!

We hope to see you on Small Business Saturday.  It is a great day to get out and have a leisurely day of shopping during the hectic holiday season.

Chocolate Turkeys!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 19, 2012 by Brian

The centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving meal is the famous American Turkey, roasted with stuffing and served with all the fixings.  We think it’s time to raise the bar on presentation and wow your guests with a table set to truly celebrate autumn, the harvest, togetherness and, of course, chocolate.

Yes, we are suggesting a different take on what is showcased by adding a beautiful Kakao Chocolate turkey to the table.


Chocolate works perfectly with the fall color palate and blends easily into the deep reds and crisp oranges that so beautifully capture the essence of the season.  The chocolate turkey will add a whimsical touch and maybe even tease your guests a bit as they wonder in anticipation about dessert.  Anyone sitting at the table will be thinking about the rich reward that awaits them when they see the turkey in the center of the table.   You might even tease them a bit more and add a variety of chocolate barks fanned out on a plate around the chocolate turkey.

Having the chocolate turkey on the table could raise some issues, and you should be prepared.  There are questions to be answered, such as, how do you share a chocolate turkey?  Who gets the head? Who gets the tail?  You could make a game out of it and have your guests flip a coin or pull their names out of a bowl giving them first dibs on the head or tail, etc.  Or, just as you have done with the roasted turkey, you can ceremoniously “carve” the chocolate turkey and place it on a platter for egalitarian indulgence.

If you are not hosting a dinner this Thanksgiving, the chocolate turkeys, which come in dark and milk chocolate, make wonderful hostess gifts.  We have the chocolate turkeys beautifully wrapped and waiting for you in the shop right now, or call us and place an order.

Tip:  Pick-up some Autumn Bark while you are in the shop.  This seasonal bark is a blend of chocolate with fall flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, with toasted Missouri pecans.  Truly this is what autumn tastes like!

Honey Pairing at Kakao

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2012 by Brian

Did you know local honey may help your allergies? Or that the same bee hive can produce different flavored honeys at the same time?  Or that bees do a dance to tell their co-workers where the best flowers are?


Join us on Tuesday, December 11 at 7 p.m. at Kakao Maplewood (7272 Manchester) for a very special event — a Local Honey Tasting and Pairing. Mary Ellen Raymond, a local beekeeper, farmer, and Maplewood Farmers Market Vendor, will lead us through a tasting of seven different types of honey, all from Missouri and most from within Greater St. Louis. Mary Ellen will explain the different types, and pair each one with a different food (including Kakao chocolate!) to complete the tasting experience. You’ll also have a chance to sample some Kakao confections we make with local honey.

Cost is $20 per person. Please call Kakao at 314.645.4446 to reserve your spots.